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Top 10 FAQs
How is the rank or rating calculated?
If I want my ranking and details hidden, is it possible to request that?
Explanation for the player type icons?
What is ROI and NOI, and what does it represent?
What is the difference between the letter and the number of stars? How can someone be an "A" and only have 2 stars? What does that mean?
What does the first letter or number before the stars mean under rating or rank?
What do i need to do to try Hold'em Profiler?
How far back do Top Shark statistics and tournament histories go?
What exactly does it mean by late Early Finishes, Middle Finishes and Late Finishes?
I have noticed that sometimes tournaments results are missing for some of my matches. Is it possilbe to upload my logs to your website when I see one is missing?

Recently Added FAQs
Здравствуйте, я заинтересован в покупке Super Hud , скажите , если я куплю gold version , получу полный функционал?
hello. how can i hide urself on ur site?
How can i hide my statistics?
What does the padlock icon means in the player proflle, in the rating and inthe total profit items?
In my HUD the "player type" is always with a padlock. Do I need to configure something ? tks
здравствуйте ничего не могу понять, вместо статистики показывает значки вопросов
How can I opt out?
I would like to know if there is a possibility to hide my stats from the other players ? If so you would be kind to advie and let me how ? Many thanks for your feed back, Looking forward to reading from you soon, Regards,
Is it possible to remove old hands from the HUD database? Or at least filter so the HUD shows only hand statistics from (for example) the last 6 months?
Hi, the player tye icons are not showing in my hud? How can I solve this?

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