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Smart Buddy

Keep track of where and when friends, rivals, and action players play with Smart Buddy - the all-in-one player tracking and notification solution.

Store as many contacts as you'd like - every major poker site is supported - and keep helpful notes on anyone for reference when you play. Its not just smart, it's Smart Buddy:

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Buddy

Q: Smart Buddy won’t open tables on PokerStars?

A: Please make sure to select the Classic View for your lobby.

Q: How do I use Smart Buddy?

A: Smart Buddy is very easy to use. Simply launch and log in and start adding buddies you want to keep track of. Smart Buddy will notify you immediately when they’re online and what tables they’re playing at.

Q: Can I use Smart Buddy on multiple sites at once?

A: Yes. You can track buddies on all supported sites.