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Poker Pro Labs Opt Out from Search

To block your username from search, please submit the request to support@pokerprolabs.com. You will need to include your username and poker site that you would like your username to be blocked from. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your username to be blocked from search.

Poker Stars players are now required to transfer $0.01 to the PokerStars account 'ResultSites' if they wish to opt-out of all result websites. Similarly, players are required to transfer $0.03 to 'ResultSites' if they wish to opt-in. A PokerStars staff member will return these funds to you.

US, DK, FR, EE Residents: If you cannot transfer funds on PokerStars please email support@pokerstars.com and ask them to opt you in or out.