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Tournament Shark

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tournament Shark

Q: Is Tournament Shark legal to use?

A: Yes, we work with all poker sites that support our software to ensure all of our products are appropriate with each site’s Terms of Service. This is partly why our software functions slightly differently across different sites.

Q: Tournament Shark does not attach to the table and not display any data. What gives?

A: If you have Vista or Windows 7/8 you need to launch Tournament Shark in admin mode: Right click it and select "Run as administrator" from the pop-up window. Then launch your poker client in admin mode as well. Please make sure to launch Tournament Shark first prior to launching any tables.

Q: How do I activate the Tournament Shark HUD?

A: To open your Tournament Shark HUD simply select it from the drop-down list which appears in the top right-corner above all active tables.

Q: How do I use Tournament Shark?

A: Tournament Shark is very easy to use. Simply launch it and minimize the software when not in use. Tournament Shark will continue to run in your system tray on your behalf. Whenever you launch a new poker tournament on any supported site, Tournament Shark will open up and attach to your new tables automatically. Please note though, to see data you must be logged into PokerProLabs.com

Q: Can I use Tournament Shark on multiple tables at once?

A: Yes. You can use Tournament Shark on as many tables simultaneously as you’d like.

Q: Tournament Shark doesn’t work on PartyPoker and did before. Does the software support use on PartyPoker?

A: Yes, Tournament Shark 2.0 is fully compatible with PartyPoker.